The taste of tumblr. A year ago this blog went online. From the beginning I had an eye on the feed-back and it became some kind of survey about the likes of my followers and the tumblr community in general. These are the Top Ten:

  1. Tiffany Smith/Wesson revolver, 1888 – 10,564 likes
  2. Albrecht Dürer, six pillows, 1493. – 8,037 likes
  3. Hannes Kilian, photo of Swan lake, 1972. – 4,874 likes
  4. Colour wheels overview 1708-1921. – 4,399 likes
  5. Child’s hunting crossbow, 1600. – 3,299 likes
  6. Verner Panton, Visiona II, 1970. – 3,132 likes
  7. Karmann Ghia, Typ 14, 1955-74. – 2,993 likes
  8. Peter Keetman, Cover of spiral 8, 1960. – 2,884 likes
  9. Hounslow Factory, Sword,  1690. – 2,847 likes
  10. Owen Jones, Grammar of Ornament, 1856. – 2,691 likes

Is it astonishing, that a weapon is on the first place? No. Especially as the Tiffany Smith & Wesson collab produced a timeless object. It is followed by some cushions, which sounds strange, and it is. I am happy that good old Albrecht Dürer has nearly got the same interest here as the flashy revolver. Third place is a photo by Hannes Kilian, a view of the Stuttgart Ballet. I guess there are a lot of dance fans around and the picture is definitely a perfect shot. Two Germans on the rostrum, but I promise I never pushed it that way. Anybody who is interested can have a look at the filter +♡ on my website, there are more favs to see.